Monthly Maintenance Plans

If you want to enjoy a fresh cut lawn and freshly edged lawn but you only have a small lawn or no lawn at all and just bushes a monthly maintenance plan is a good way to go. 

This is a monthly maintenance plan and is best for people who are looking to have just bushes kept up on with trimming and looking good, and people who have a very small lawn or just a backyard that doesn't need it mowed and edged on a weekly or bi-weekly schedule.  

Even if you just get a monthly service plan we will still do a top notch job at your house and make sure all weeds are sprayed and any bigger weeds will be handpicked, any bushes that you specify needing a monthly trim, and any other jobs that you need taken care of within your landscape on a monthly basis will be done in a professional manner. 

Due to the fact that you are only getting your landscape serviced once a month some areas of your landscape may get over looked occasionally. Please advise us each month if you see any specific areas that are in need of extra care throughout the month before we arrive on your scheduled service date. 

The biggest problem with monthly service is spring and fall. In the spring we might have to come and do an extra weed control day within the month and a bush trim day within the month due to spring conditions and faster growth. If you do have a small lawn or just a backyard. during the spring grass does grow very rapidly so if it is needed you can call and have us provide an extra day within the month to mow and edge your lawn. 

During the fall as you know leaves start to fall. So if it is needed you can give us a call to do an extra day of leaf clean up during the month in order to keep those leaves under control. 

There are price variances during these 2 times a year and they are all negotiable and reasonable. 

Dr. Greenthumb provides this services for those customers looking for monthly landscape maintenance.

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