Lawn Airation

Lawn Airation contributes to two problems lawns tend to have over time. The first is lawn thatch, which is a layer of dead organic materail that helps the lawn with moderating temperature and reducing evapotranspiration. When lawn thatch is too much though it limits soil oxygenation and reduces watering effectiveness. So the reason your lawn needs airation at least once a year is to help reduce lawn thatch and helping your lawn breath so it can grow long strong roots providing that lawn with healthy grass for years to come. 

If you don't airate on at least a yearly basis that is when you will start to see brown patches in your lawn and eventually a completely dead lawn. Dr. Greenthumb provides scheduled airation serveces for your lawn on a once to twice a year schedual. Pricing all depends on the square footage of your lawn and if you are doing back and front. 

Now that you know how important airating your lawn is, it is time to give Dr. GreenThumb Landscaping a call and get scheduled in for a once a year or twice a year lawn airation service.

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