Weekly Maintenance Plans

If you want to enjoy a fresh cut lawn and freshly edged lawn every week or every other week (bi-weekly). Then this plan is best for you. This is a weekly maintenance plan and is best for people who are looking to keep their lawn in the best condition possible. 

It is proven that having your lawn mowed weekly will help with keeping your grass lush and green. Grass needs to be disturbed on a regular basis to allow it to breath and keep its lush green look. If you don't mow you lawn weekly it will start to show by turning brown in spots and it will also start to fill with weeds if not looked after on a weekly basis. 

Dr. Greenthumb provides this services for those customers looking for weekly landscape maintenance.

Weekly Maintenance Includes:
  • Mowing every week and each week will be a different angle in order to provide sharp new lines every week. 
  • Edging of your lawn edges in order to keep any grass that is protruding beyond driveways, patio's, and garden beds.  
  • Trimming of bushes when needed
  • Blowing of Driveways, Patio's and any area that is not grass that is on your property.
  • Weed control with spray, and by hand, in garden beds, and within the lawn itself. 
  • Fertilizing bi-annually
  • Moss control bi-annually
  • Lawn feeding bi-annually

What You Should Expect On Each Visit:

Each visit will be noisy as the machinery used is motorized and does cause quite a bit of noise. There will be 1 to 2 people entering your properties back and front lawn areas.

If you have dogs or any type of outdoor pets please have them inside or chained up on your scheduled maintenance day. If you do have a dog it does help both our workers and your lawn to keep your dogs poop cleaned up as best as possible. It will leave brown spots on your lawn over time if this is not done on a regular basis. 

We do not clean up dog poop as this is not part of the job description. If you do want this done by us we can do this at an added cost to the monthly bill. 

Every visit your lawn will be mowed, the edges will be cut, and non-grassed area's will be blown. 

Once or twice a month or as needed bushes and shrubs will be trimmed and kept neat and orderly. Please advise us on any preferred trimming practices you would specifically like, if you have certain shrubs or bushes that you want trimmed in a special manner. 

Weeds will be dealt with as needed sprayed and handpicked. Please lets us know if you would perfer no spray to be used. If this is the case all weeds will be hand picked. 

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