Bark Dust Spreading

We love bark dust and mulch spreading at Dr. GreenThumb Landscaping. Whatever tree type, size, and amount of bark dust you need for your project we will find you the best deals. We work with local suppliers so getting you a competitive price is our first goal for you, as a customer, and to us as the installer of the bark dust. 

There are a lot of choices when it comes to bark dust. A few would be size of the chips, type of tree i.e: douglas fir, cedar, ect. and how many yards. Bark dust is purchased per yard and the pices range with the type of bark dust you want. We will go to the supplier and bring you samples of all the choices they have with the prices, so you can chose what type of bark dust you want and get a pretty good estimate on how much it is going to cost. Before we go to the supplier we will first measure out how many yards you are going to need for the project you have in mind. 

Now that you have the price of the bark dust in hand next is the labor cost. Now price of labor is going to fluctuate per job. So we can't really give you a solid price right here on this website, but when we come out to measure you bark dust yardage we will then provide you with a labor quote as well so when we get back from the supplier with a close estimated cost of the bark dust you will then have a very close estimate of the total cost of the bark dust project your are looking to do. 

Spreading of the bark dust can be done in two ways. The first, and most preferred by Dr. GreenThumb, is hand spreading. The reason we like to hand spread is the fact that it is very controlled and it is easier to make the bark dust spreading look more natural when it is done my hand. The second is by blowing it in. This is done from a truck and the bark dust is just blow in through a large tube. It is somewhat controlled, but not as controlled as hand spreading. In the end the decision is yours on how to get the bark dust installed. 

All you have to do now is give Dr. GreenThumb a call and we will come right out and get your free estimate started so you can get your bark dust project off the ground in a timely manner. 

Call Dr. GreenThumb For Your Free Bark dust Estimate, Ask For Billy, Looking Forward To Working With You.

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