Flower and Tree Planting

It is a wonderful thing to get new flowers, shrubs, bushes, and trees planted within your existing landscape. There can even replace old living plants that you no longer want. Dr. GreenThumb can get this job done for you no matter how many plants and flowers you want in the ground, and how many you want out of the ground. 

Flower and tree's especially cost quite a bit of money so if you want we can go out and find the best prices for you on the flowers and tree's you're looking for and do all the shopping for you so you don't get ripped off by someone looking to prey on another that isn't as knowledgeable on price as they are. That is why we offer this service so we can make sure you find the best deals out there. 

We will come out to your property and map out where you want the new flowers, trees, shrubs, or bushes. After we have mapped out their location we will then plot out where you want each of these different plants so we know how many of each to start looking for. Once we find them and get you a price we will then get them delivered and then we will install them in the locations we both picked out in the beginning. 

We are very detail oriented at Dr. GreenThumb Landscaping especially when it comes to planting new plants into your existing landscape. Making sure everything is up to your standards is our #1 goal and will do everything to make sure nothing goes out of plan. We will have to come out and give you a labor estimate at the same time we are plotting out the new plant locations so then all you will be waiting on is a plant price quote from the supplier. 

Call Dr. GreenThumb For A Free Plant Addition Estimate, Ask For Billy, Looking Forward To Adding New Additions To Your Landscape.

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