Power Washing

Dr. GreenThumb Landscaping also provides patio and exterior property power washing services. Power washing can greatly improve the look of all your decorative stone or brick with your landscape. All those years of moss and grim build up can be taken care of very quickly by one of our professional technicians.

We have commercial high powered power washers that will tackle any job you throw at it. This type of job is great for anyone looking to shine up their outdoor lounging area's so your guest are no longer looking at mossy patio's they are now looking at practically brand new decorative stone and brick work that provides your walkways throughout your landscape. 

We take great pride in our power washing technicians and would love to come out to your property and get those outdoor patio's cleaned up for your next big gathering. 

Prices are talked about upon walk thru of your property. We need to see firsthand at the square footage that needs power washed and the amount of build up that is present on the decorative stone or brick that is needed to be power washed clean. simply call up Dr. GreenThumb Landscaping and we will come out and do a free walk thru and get you are very competitive price and then get to work as soon as we can. 

Call Dr. GreenThumb For A Free Power Washing Estimate, Ask For Billy, We Look Forward To Working With You

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