Property Landscape Clean Up

Before and After Top is Before Bottom is After

Before and After Top is Before Bottom is After

Before and After Top is Before Bottom is After

Here at Dr. GreenThumb we provide complete property landscape clean up's. If there has been years of neglect at a property that you have just bought or a section of your property that you are finally wanting to get into shape we can come on out and take care of it for you no matter how bad it is. We have seen it all and will get your property back into the landscape you desire. 

Now a point to make about clean up's. Landscape clean up's will not get your landscape back into your desired look on the first trip we make. Most of the time this is how it goes with a landscape clean up. We will come and on the first day we will get the majority of the over growth taken care of and the lawn cut down to a reasonable height.

Now the extent of the cleanup is all up to you, but if you are looking to get your grass, bushes, shrubs, tree's, ect. back to a healthily living state then we will have to make multiple trips out to your property in order to properly fertilize and feed your grass and other living plants. The other trips will also include multiple trimmings on all off your shrubs, bushes, tree's, grass and ground cover. 

It always depends on the extent of the over growth within your properties landscape how much work we will have to put in. If you just want everything cut down to a livable height that will be, in most cases a 1 day job. If you want the full treatment with grass re-growth and shrub, bush, tree, and living plant re-growth that that could extend out into the weeks with multiple visits over a longer period of time. 

The easiest way for us here at Dr. GreenThumb Landscaping to give you a price estimate is to phyisically come out to your property and do a walk through with you so we can look over the over growth and provide to you multiple options and the prices that will go along with those options. No job is to big for us so give us a call and we will come out and do a personal walk through with you free of charge. 

Call Dr. GreenThumb For A Free Estimate On Your Property Landscape Clean Up, Ask For Billy, We Look Forward To Working With You.

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