Shrub Bush and Tree Trimming and Prunning

Dr. GreenThumb Landscaping provides any type of Trimming and Delicate Pruning to all types of Bushes, Shrubs, and Tree's. We take all precautions necessary especially when it comes to tree trimming. Combined throughout the company there is a total of 22 years experience with all 3 types of trimming and pruning. 

Our goal is to create a well manicured landscape for you that will make your neighbors jealous. We use top of the line Stihl tools with sharp smooth cutting devices that will get those over grown bushes down to a well shaped good looking bush or shrub. 

When your tree's start to grow those pesky suckers we will gladly take care of those for you. If you have a large tree that is in need of some weight removal as in large branches that pose a potential safely hazard it would be no problem for us to get the down saftly and get them cut up for your fireplace or burn pile. We will also remove all the wood from large tree's if needed. When it comes to shrubs and bushes we will remove all of that debris as part of the Job. With tree's some clients like to keep the wood for burning, that is why we always ask when it comes to tree trimming. 

To the delicate plants. We will get out the hand pruners and shape all your delicate flowers, sage, and other small shrubs and bushes to your specifications. This type of trimming takes time and patience and we provide both of those. Our professional technicians will take pride in all trimming jobs you need done around your landscape.

Every job is different when it comes to trimming and pruning. Prices vary in every case, we will gladly come out and provide a free estimate and cost analysis on the trimming jobs you are looking to get performed on your property. Even if you have a combination of Tree's, Bushes, and Shrubs we will get them all done in one shot professional and delicately

Call Dr. GreenThumb For A Free Estimate For Your Trimming Needs, Ask For Billy, We Look Forward To Working With You.

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